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You take good care of your patients...
We'll take good care of your billing.
Medical billing the easy way. Let Medi-Claim Solutions (MCS) help you get paid faster, reduce your costs, stop the worries of hiring and training staff and avoid the headaches of billing.

We've been in the medical billing business for over 30 years. We are here to help you get your money faster from insurance companies and patients.

We take care of collecting and depositing your money. Click below to learn more about how our medical billing service can help your practice succeed.

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Let MCS Help You

-Maximize Claim Reimbursement

-Faster Claim Turnaround

-Increase Office Efficiency

-Avoid Staffing Problems

-Avoid Payer Denials

-Focus More On Your Patients

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Get Paid Faster!

"Medi-Claims Solutions (MCS) is as concerned about our future as we are. They don't work FOR us, they work WITH us to make sure we get paid quickly and accurately. We do not have to worry or even think about billing or collecting. What a relief to have found such an experienced group as a partner!"    -Terri F. Dolan, P.T.

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